Friday, June 08, 2007


No, not BL’AST, and not even SUNSHINE SUPER SCUM – I’m talking about this very recent (late 2006) 45 from Michigan’s RED RED RED, one of the most ripping, wild, noxo punk rock records of the 21st century thus far. Finding information on the band online was a bit of a chore, what with a malfunctioning band website, a poorly-updated page from their current label, and next-to-nothing written about them. After a bit of sleuthing I found their Myspace page, and from there learned that this project contains an ex-member of THE PIRANHAS, a band who, in retrospect, were pretty friggin’ great themselves. A must-purchase is their LP/CD collection of their first two 45s – I wrote about it here.

RED RED RED honestly sound like they were coughed from a rough night of coupling between ’81 BLACK FLAG (with Dez on vocals) and Michigan hardcore heroes THE FIX. It’s that intense and crazed, and I haven’t heard many punk rock tracks this great in a long while. There’s an LP/CD out right now called “MIND DESTROYER” (again, I had to work my ass off to find that out), and you can order it right here. I just did.

Play or Download RED RED RED – “Disconnected” (from 2006 45 on Perpetrator Records)


Anonymous said...

Really? I just have the recent(?) LP, and thought it was so-so. Especially considering there are Piranhas members who blasted out some of the best music (on their first 7" & 12") of the last decade....always heard a bit of 'Flag in them, too. And then they got all weirdy & lost me.


Anonymous said...

The Flag? Sorta sounds like the spaceshits knocking back a few in the fells recording space. Not bad, but to be honest, the whole - amp buzz, treble in the red, lo-fi - thing is starting to feel a little stale and dated. Black Flag always had drums and bass that were actually worth hearing as much as the guitarr and vocals. I miss that.

Brushback said...

I totally hear the Black Flag/Fix comparison. It even sounds like "Depression", or something. Great shit!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Finn's comment. No 'Flag, just garage rock. Booooring!