Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I wasn’t exactly looking for a nonsensical east coast heir to THE FUGS and the HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS who played sideways pop tunes in an absurdly playful, demented manner, but when this 7” arrived in my mailbox in 1991 I immediately pronounced it one of my favorite records, and FLY ASHTRAY one of my favorite bands. I quickly interviewed them by mail for my fanzine; I struck up a “pen pal” friendship with Glenn Luttman, the band’s drummer; and I pimped them to the pals and non-pals wherever I could. For a couple years there Fly Ashtray, on the strength of some excellent 45s and EPs (“Let’s Have Some Crate” from 1993 being a particularly good one), built up a nice foaming head of underground steam. Sure, you could quibble with the “silly” aspects of the band – the meaningless song titles, for instance – or with the sometimes directionless timbre of the music itself, but when the band were hitting on all cylinders, they made a joyful, strange noise. Believe it or not, they soldier on in 2007. Check out both their web site and MySpace page for evidence. Me, I think this 45 is their “apotheosis”, and I’m pleased as punch to broadcast it to the World Wide Web this morning.

Play or Download FLY ASHTRAY – “Soap” (A-side of 1991 single)
Play or Download FLY ASHTRAY – “Bip” (B-side, Track 1 of 1991 single)
Play or Download FLY ASHTRAY – “Feather” (B-side, Track 2 of 1991 single)


Unknown said...

After a really poorly attended show in Columbus, while on tour with Ghost and Magic Hour, we stopped for gas on High Street (a bit further up from the "action.") and there was a young guy working there rocking the Fly Ashtray full length record. He seemed just as freaked out by me asking him "Is this Fly Ashtray?" as I was to be hearing it.
It has been a long time since I drove through Columbus and who knows when I'll be back again, but if I'm there I'll totally fil 'er up at the Fly Ashtray gas station.


PS I'll try to work in the Blues Magoos truckstop story at a later date.

snarfyguy said...

Chris from Fly Ashtray here. Thanks for the kind words. It's always gratifiying to hear that someone has enjoyed the music.

And thanks for digitzing those songs, too!