Monday, April 23, 2007


VENOM P. STINGER were a simply overpowering Australian band from the late 80s and early 90s (post-SICK THINGS, pre-DIRTY THREE, and containing members of both); I was lucky enough to see them twice live in San Francisco & Los Angeles in a late, late incarnation of the band, but if I'd had my druthers I'd have seen the lineup that recorded the amazing "Walking About / 26 Milligrams" 45, which is easily one of the Top 200 singles that I know of. Well, this cool fella Kent from Iowa was kind enough to "friend" the Detailed Twang MySpace site this weekend, and right there on his page is the following YouTube video of "Walking About". Wow! I dug a little deeper and there's one on YouTube for "26 Milligrams" too - both are amazing. Now you can watch them both right here.


Anonymous said...

I saw them at The Shamrock in Hollywood (were you at that show?).....I think their roadie was singing because the real singer couldn't get into the states cuz of warrants or he was in a mental hospital or something? Does anyone remember?
One of the best and most unique drummers I have ever seen.

Jay H. said...

Deluxe - yeah, I was at that show, and they were great, way better than the SF show earlier in the week. I thought I'd heard that Dugald, Venom P. Stinger's (great) vocalist, couldn't get into the US because of a warrant or a customs problem back in Australia. Mental hospital sounds a lot cooler, though.

Anonymous said...

Last I spoke to Mick Turner about two years ago, he said that Dugald died of cancer, I think. He was kept out of the USA for Visa problems. Nic Palmer, the singer who took his place, was not a roadie, but was VPS biggest fan at the time. He still plays music, and was a key factor in getting the Love of Diagrams over to tour the USA, just as VPS did in 1991. The KDVS live to air show was the best, man. KI

Anonymous said...

I wagged school one afternoon, I think it was 1989-1990, anyway, Venom P. Stinger were doing an in store show, in Melbourne. I was 14-15 years old and was the first time I'd really seen a band, well a band like those guys anyway. Dugald had a broken arm or wrist or something, Jim White was wearing the suit that he still wears now(lurking around the streets of Williamsburg) but that short 1/2 hour set changed the way I thought about music......... and life I guess. One of those moments huh. fucking great!!!!! check out eddy current suppression ring, band from Melbourne doing good things

dan said...

I live in the hometown of the Venom's and was friends with Dugald, but more specially with his girlfriend for a few years, Kylie, who like Duges passed away earlier this year.A terrible loss and the world has been robbed of two great people.
Dugald was a walking disaster area at times, well, most of the time and all that hard living caught up with him I spose.
It is great to see the rest of the blokes doing great music still and whenever the Dirty Three manage to get themselves together from various parts of the world and gig around Melbourne it is a very special treat.
And yes, Jim still wears the same set of clothes he has worn since I knew them all those years back.
I was at the above gig when they filmed it but damned if I can see myself. I didn't think it would amount to nothing here in Oz, but to see fans from round the globe getting into it is way cool

Unknown said...

I was good friends with al the bass player,when venoms formed. I came to know dugald too and i must say he was a walking disaster area,but a really funny,entertaining and amazing one. as dan would kmow the live shows were sometimes chaotic, sometimes brilliant, but always worth turning up to. Dugald lurching around the stage, falling over,vomiting,spraying the crowd with his blood from a syringe,all the while roaring and screaming lyrics to a backround of relentless,driving music. geez i wish it was 1986 again