Monday, February 16, 2009


I was introduced to CLOTHILDE about seven years ago by a real, live, honest-to-god frenchman. This guy told me that if I was into those "Ultra Chicks" comps (and I was) and those "Swinging Mademoiselle" comps (and I was), I'd come to worship CLOTHILDE like no other. And so it came to be. He sent me a CD-R of the super-rare compilation I'm posting for you today, which is "Saperlipopette" - the complete Clothilde discography, entirely recorded on two EPs during 1967, along with an Italian-language version of “Fallait pas ecraser La queue du chat“, maybe the greatest french pop song of all time.

CLOTHILDE recorded those 8 songs - that's it. Every one of them is bouyant, alive and totally fun, particularly with her sweet and somewhat mousy vocals leading the charge. The production is just first-rate orchestral pop perfection, and I'd be lying if I told you I liked a whole lot of CD's better than this one. Clothilde's become enough of a cult object that I'm not the first person to post these tracks, no sir, but I wanted to make sure the Detailed Twang audience - such that it is - got a chance to hear this stuff if you haven't been hunting around for it.

You’ll be floating on a cloud of sugar, spice, baguettes and brie. Pay super close attention to “Fallait pas écraser la queue du chat” because it’s 100% perfect. I mean it.

Play CLOTHILDE - "Fallait Pas Ecraser La Queue Du Chat"


DeadlyTango said...

I picked up another Italian track from one of the ye-ye sites over the past couple years -- "Qualcosa che non va," a reworking of "La chanson bete et mechante." Perhaps it was the flip of Sopresa? I've also seen "Sopresa" make the rounds under the title "Ora So Cos'e." But it's always great to see more publicity for this wonderful singer -- thanks!

Mark said...

Thanks for pointing that out - now that I check my files I realize I have rips of that under both titles. The Ora So Cos'e one has more presence (and pops). Looks like it's still at

Anyways, another great post!

saperlipopette said...

I've been looking all over for these tracks! Thank you so much for posting them!

Christofer said...

Thanx a billion for posting these!!

Anonymous said...

Salut Mark,

Formidable et merci beaucoup!

Jacqueline de Scudéry

fernando durand said...

Soy peruano y debo decirles que he quedado gratamente impresionado con esta artista francesa. En general la músical gala de los años 60s es fascinante. Clothilde me encanta por su aire psicoledico y voz de terciopelo. Merci!

Fernando Durand