Monday, April 07, 2008


If you've followed this site at all since its transmogrification into an illegal mp3 posting center, you've probably heard a bit of hoot n' holler about the FLESH EATERS. I've posted the track from their rate "Take It!" flexi here, some stuff from a great radio show here, and some whompers from a live show in Detroit here. Now I'm going to spoon-feed you the B-side to a 45 that was given away in 1987 to entice folks to subscribe to Forced Exposure magazine. I needed little enticement by that point, but I guess I'd have done anything to get this record, so despite my current subscription, I begged my way into a copy of the DIVINE HORSEMEN / FLESH EATERS 45, as it had a live version of the song "Divine Horseman" from the '82 version of the Flesh Eaters - only one of the most powerful & greatest combos of all time. Thing was, the 45 I got in the mail had this giant vinyl globule on the Divine Horseman side, right at the start of the song (a demo of "Mothers' Worry"), and thus I've never actually been able to play that side. Thankfully I was able to get the flip side spinning, and not long ago I "digitized" it for your listening enjoyment.

Play or Download THE FLESH EATERS - "Divine Horseman" (live 1982) - B-side of '87 Forced Exposure subscriber-only 45

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Anonymous said...

Ok so I'll haveta upload the flipside of this, if only for you to finally hear it.