Tuesday, September 04, 2007


One of my top 2007 finds (and perhaps yours as well - the word is most definitely out) is a young band from Huntsville, AL called THOMAS FUNCTION. Reminscient in so many ways of a stripped-down, keyboard-augmented, less grandeur-bound TELEVISION, two of their three 45s are among the finest & most deceptively catchy records of our aging decade so far. (I say 2 of the 3 because I haven't heard the new one yet - the label says it's "in the mail"). I think the main guy's vocals come off as so much more real than others looking to recreate a pre-punk history for a post-punk world, and THOMAS FUNCTION are the sort of band that's going to appeal equally aging record dorks like myself and the new gaggle of teenage hipsters. Apparently the garage punk congnescenti dig 'em too. See you what you think by downloading two of their best so far.

Play or Download THOMAS FUNCTION - "Conspiracy of Praise" (from "The Insignificants" 7"EP)
Play or Download THOMAS FUNCTION - "Vanity Lights" (from self-titled 1st 7"EP)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, good band. It's from the Panic Buttons/Alabama Jihad group, and this is probably their best shit. I remember seeing the Panic Buttons many years ago when they were teenagers & knowing that they'd hit it at some point. Good live band, too.


Eric O said...

and playing gonerfest at the end of the month! yahoo!

-eric / goner

Exotic Lens said...

yeah this is awesome stuff. just ordered the two older seven inches - cant wait for them to arrive.

Anonymous said...

the "vanity lights" single was first. the tic tac totally one was second. you can get them both by emailing DNH records @ rejectasaurus@yahoo.com.

their 3rd, 4th, and possibly 5th singles are due out before they tour again in october.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Reminds me of Darren Hayman(ex-Hefner singer)'s solo albums. "Conspiracy Of Praise" borrows heavly from "Teenage Treats" by The Wasps.

Dale Merrill said...

I wish those guys weren't so protective of the Panic Buttons recordings that Joe Burdick did in my basement a few years back. I listened to them today...ROCK!

Thomas Function and Pink reason are playing Port Huron on Oct 11th...ot's the first show I even bothered to bring to town in over 8 months. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!
Hopefully those 'bamalama boys will have a stray copy of the Vanity Lights single with 'em.

Anonymous said...

pink reason / thomas function tour is coming to pa's lounge in somerville,ma on friday oct. 5th as well! more info here:


Simon said...

You know how downloading is killing music? I sampled "Vanity lights" on here, listened to it about 25 times, then ordered six of their singles (two each of three, since a friend was equally wowed). Thanks for turning me on to this!

Anonymous said...

agreed - bought the vinyl after hearing this... this is word of mouth in a new realm.

Anonymous said...

i know you've been posting and re-posting them a bit lately Jay
but you need to post more!!

chris g said...

ey Jey, could you find it in your black black heart to post Blue&Green and Blasphemer's Union
for me jay
for me