Thursday, July 05, 2007


Here’s some wacked-out, electro-propulsive garage punk at least five years ahead of its time from some French fellas based in London in the late 80s/early 90s called ELECTRIC MANCHAKOU. Julian Cope wrote a big thing about the band here, and it’ll have to be the definitive history on the band until someone does him one better. I wrote previously that,

"Hey" in particular reminds me of a 60s-inspired CHROME or METAL URBAIN, while the other two tracks (on their “Hey” 7”EP) "rawk" but not quite as aggressively. One of the fellas on the sleeve had an outstanding white man's 'fro, which is perhaps what got my wallet out of my pocket back in the day.

Well actually I got my song titles mixed up and the one I really dig & described thusly is called “She Said”, and it’s posted for you here. Right now. Below.

Play or Download ELECTRIC MANCHAKOU – “She Said” (from 1989 three-song single)

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Anonymous said...

New Electric Manchakou's LP vinyl out on french label Memoire Neuve