Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The TOUCH-ME-NOTS are a great husband/wife guitar & drums duo from Oakland, California who are working hard on rejuvenating the long-dormant genre of “Ozark punk”. You might recognize this form as having formerly being the province of acts like ’68 COMEBACK, WALTER DANIELS and smaller players like Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Feathers. They’ve recently attracted some deserved attention for their stripped-down, bonzai tear-it-up style, which essentially consists of a loud twangy, toothless racket, with the occasional side trip into Lieber/Stoller & girl group territory, made by two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’ve recently released their debut 10”EP “Sheldon Munn” on France’s Yakisakana Records, as well as a second 45rpm disc on Nasty Product. I’m solidly in their camp, & hope you will be too. Here are 3 samples for your listening pleasure:

Download TOUCH-ME-NOTS – “Goin’ To Gut Gevoren” (from “Sheldon Munn” 10”EP)
Download TOUCH-ME-NOTS – “Celebrity Roast” (from their first 45)
Download TOUCH-ME-NOTS – “Bag O' Money” (from their second 45)

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