Monday, February 26, 2007


Sure it's something of a conflict of interest but I'll say it anyway - a new podcast called NEST OF VIPERS has just made its regal debut, and despite it being hosted or contributed to by people with whom I've broken bread in the past, it's still the most entertaining & laugh-out-loud funny one I've ever heard. DANNY PLOTNICK hosts a show that's billed as being:

"Like the unholy coupling of Fresh Air and The Best Damn Sports Show, Nest of Vipers is smart, funny and irreverent. Each episode features the rantings, ravings and erudite patter of independent musicians, filmmakers, writers and comedians holding court on cultural topics of the utmost importance...."

Like, for instance, the current episode, "WORST ROCK SHOW EVER", which is just over a half an hour or so. Psychefunkapus gets namechecked. "Robe rock" (Sunn O) is discussed. Pain is felt. I've heard a couple of the upcoming ones as well & they're a blast. You can subscribe via iTunes or just go right here and listen up. I recommend that you do.

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