Wednesday, January 10, 2007


On our old blog we wrote about mainstream TV's early 80s reaction to punk rock - that was before the magic of You Tube. Here's the evidence. First, some QUINCY:

And now some CHiPS:


Anonymous said...

If you ever knew Sarah Jacobson she'd talk your ear off about the punk rock Quincy episode. I think it changed her life. Good to see it. "There's nobody innocent here". Good one.


Scott Soriano said...

Jay - A very good rock & roll read is Jake Austin's TV a Go Go, a history of rock & roll and TV. I would say that I am a bit biased as I had a wee contribution to it, but, damn, the thing is a great read despite that. He does a very good job covering punk on TV back in the "punk scare" days. And better is his run through of Black TV and the emergance of Soul Train, plus the stuff on local TV. Very much recommended.

Anonymous said...

Watching these clips actually makes me nostalgic for the days when punk rock DID terrify squares. All the "punk" kids on TV shows these days are portrayed as sensitive "emo" types! A good example is the Australian soapie, "Neighbours", which is scripted by a couple of the guys from the local psych-rock band the Sand Pebbles (good band, well worth checking out. Kinda Velvets/Spacemen 3 deal w/ 3 albums out), which loves to throw in all sorts of obscure goth, punk and "emo" references just for a laugh. In one episode a character was given copies of "Hate" and "Eightball" as a present. I think they get a real kick out of throwing these weird references into one of the most popular soaps on earth.

- Dave Lang

jb said...

Have you ever seen the episode of Chips that has Ralph Malph as the singer in a KISS-like band?