Friday, December 15, 2006


This is more correctly dubbed as being from OSSIE HIBBERT & THE REVOLUTIONARIES, with Ossie being the producer and crazed mixing board mad scientist. I howl alone and in utter shame at discovering this one, one of the best dub LPs of all time, just this year. I’ll put this right next to my other three big ones, the IMPACT ALL-STARS’ posthumous collection “Forward The Bass”, AUGUSTUS PABLO’s “King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown” and the amazing “SCIENTIST MEETS THE ROOTS RADICS” for lowdown, dirty echo-heavy dub greatness. This one from 1975 has a very consistent and seamless vibe throughout each track, which reflects the fact that this was conceptualized and created as a dub album, rather than a collection of B-side versions. The drums, deftly handled by the legendary Sly Dunbar, totally cook and crackle all over the corridors of perception, thanks to Hibbert’s forward-thinking sense of production space. Like, it’s not a radical dub record by any means, it’s just a great set of original rocksteady rhythms that have been repurposed and torn inside-out for spacey, slow-groove appeal. The CD also contains a plethora of bonus tracks, some with some cool DJs ranting over the dub in a non-obnoxious manner. It’s clear that some crazy dub was being created in the Channel One studios during this time, and the Revolutionaries were pretty much the house band. (Another excellent collection of versions from this era, many featuring the band in a non-headlining role, is “MAXFIELD AVENUE BREAKDOWN – DUBS AND INSTRUMENTALS 1974-79”). Seriously, I know that there are some folks out there who may want to know how to dip a toe in the wacky world of 70s Jamaican dub; if you’re one of them, this is probably as, uh, “crucial” an album as you’re going to get, and I have no qualms about recommending this as anyone’s first dub album. I wish it had been mine.


Anonymous said...

Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 1- Prince Far I/Sherwood.
Please check it!!!!!!!&look at the line-up!wow.Thé [classic}dub album!!! 4 me!
Lot of deep-freakydub (1978!)


Producer: Prince Far I
Mixing Engineer: Prince Jammy
Drums: Sly Dunbar, Santa Davis
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, Fully Fullwood
Lead Guitar: Chinna
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Keyboards: Bobby Kalphat, Tarzan & Easy Snappin'
Horns: Dirty Harry, Don D. Junior
Percussions: Bongo Herman, Prince Far I
Recording Studio: Harry J (Kingston, JA)

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bless up