Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A stellar example of genius existing where you least expect it, or perhaps a totem of how interconnected the world is now that a fantastic, well-informed trio such as the NOTHING PEOPLE could burst forth from the farming town of Orland, CA, miles from pretty much nowhere except their own imaginations. Hate to cop straight from the single’s liner notes, but they’re compared to both DEBRIS and THE TWINKEYS, two excellent exemplars of making do in smaller metropolitan or rural locales, and that’s just spot-on. I don’t know how old these gentlemen are but they’d have to be closing in on 50 to have such a killer & raw 1975-76 space punk sound this well-informed and –developed. Or maybe they’re in their twenties, and are what they call “naturals”- in which case this is only the opening salvo in what I hope will be a long career filled with riches for both performers and audience. “4 Miles High”, one of the four outstanding mind-erasers on this 7”, sounds lifted straight from CHROME’s “Half Machine Lip Moves”, and just sputters out & fades into nothingness like so many of that great record’s “songs”. These guys are a true heir to everything MONOSHOCK were at their best, and then some. I’d call it the best record this year not by the WOODEN SHJIPS, and I implore you to purchase it while they’re still around.


Anonymous said...

Well....not exactly out of nowhere..... Darrin from The Nothing People was drummer in the original incarnation of The Suicide Kings (we were called Sister Morphine for awhile).
Hooray for The Nothing People!

Mags said...

Nothing People rule.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Sound like Debris' AND The Twinkeys? I'll have to liston to The Twinkeys album again but I didn't think that was possible.

I enjoy you're reviews and have made a few purchases on the back of them, but, with respect, I think you might be guilty of bandying about the Chrome comparisons a bit too freely. You can't toy with the hearts of the punters like that.

DJ Rick said...

I think this record sounds more like the less metallic parts of "Alien Soundtracks" than "Half Machine Lip Moves," but the Nothing People do deserve to wear the Chrome comparison.

Anonymous said...

I thought I read (after doing a websearch) that Darrin was killed a few years back.