Friday, October 20, 2006


We got an email from some fellas who are starting a new print fanzine called THE ZAP GUN, and figured you should know about it. Here’s what they told us:

For many many years Ryan Wells and I (Scott Soriano) have been talking about doing a print zine. For a few months in those many many years we actually worked on on and then quit for some reason or another. A few months ago we decided to give it a go. This time we actually have stuff in motion. This time we actually have a name for it. This time it is gonna get done.

With that we announce The Zap Gun. Some time this winter you will see a brand new print zine featuring interviews with Pink Reason, Home Blitz, the Not Not Fun Records people, and other; an updated article on late 70s San Francisco art punk; an A Frames Euro tour diary; lots of reviews, cartoons, and more.

Because we both consume a huge amount of records and reviews need to be timely, we have created a web site that will run the reviews (which will also see print). The site is Right now there are reviews up of recent records by Hank IV, Bear Proof Suit, Billy Bao, Coughs, Deep Sleep, Dead Moon, Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones, Imaginary Icons, The Kids, Jay Reatard, and more.

And that is about it. If you feel you have something to contribute feel free to contact us. We might say No but we will be very nice about it, kinda like how your boss lets you sit on his lap when he talks about his raise instead of yours.

Oh my god you guys that is soooo gross! That web site again is linked right here: ZAP GUN.

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Anonymous said...

the A-frames, shoulda been called the Main frames. Cause they are a more boring verion of Los Reactors who were boring as all get out. They fear Tokyo Electron. #1 SF art-punk rec= Jr. Executives. Everything else, last place. (Oh and Hiroshi Hasegawa's Poontang Wranglers did an awesome art-punk show at the Phx greyhound park in '00.)